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Ginny Schreiber is an American actress. She is popular for her amazing acting in the film industry. She has gained much popularity after appearing in the movies Good Burger (1997), Pumpkin (2002), and Pacific Blue (1996). Schreiber is also famous for appearing in other movies. She has accumulated much popularity in her career. Ginny is famous for her gorgeous look and beautiful personality. 

Ginny Schreiber Wiki Bio:

Ginny is a notable actress who was born in Los Angeles, California, United States. She holds American nationality. We have no accurate information about her date of birth and age. Schreiber went to a local high school for her secondary education. But we have no accurate information about her other qualification.

She is a very talented and creative woman who has got a chance to work in many movies and tv series. In this article, we will learn about Schreiber’s biography, age, height,  family,  career, and important facts. 

Name Ginny Schreiber
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, United States
Nationality American
Date of Birth Not known
Profession Pro11

Ginny Schreiber Age

Ginny has never shared the information about her age and date of birth. We have no details about her real age. All information about her age and date of birth will be updated soon on this page.

Ginny Schreiber Height and Weight

Ginny has a perfect weight and also an average height. She looks attractive and beautiful. Ginny is 5”5” tall and her weight is 60 kg approximately. She is very aware of her body fitness and health. She does yoga and exercise to keep her body fit and healthy. Ginny has shining hair and glowing fair skin.

Ginny Schreiber Career

Ginny Schreiber is a talented actress who is known fr her skillful acting. She got a chance to work in many movies and tv series which famous directors. She has appeared in many movies. Ginny has gained much popularity in the film industry. She has also accumulated much fame on various platforms. 

Talking about her first movie which was “Barney Live! In New York City. This movie was directed by “Bruce Deck”. Talking about the timing of the release of this movie was released in the year 1994. This movie has displayed the story of Barney and his friends taking the stage to delight and entertain everyone at Radio City Music Hall. They all work together to make a special surprise for the audience using items from “The Barney Bag”.

But before they are able to share it, a new visitor, The Winkster, sneaks away with the bag. The Winkster doesn’t know how to make friends. Throughout the show, the kids are trying to catch The Winkster and teach him that all you have to do is ask in order to make friends of your own. Also, the chase takes everyone to “Barney’s Imagination Circus” with fun-loving clowns and some dancing bears.

Thereafter, she appeared in a tv series titled “Step by Step”. Which was released in the year 1996. This tv series has presented the story of the two families becoming one, step by step.

Similarly, Ginny appeared in another tv series titled “Night Stand” which was also released in the same year 1996. This tv series was created by “Paul Abeyta, Peter Kaikko, and Timothy Stack”. This tv series has displayed the story of all the talk shows, there’s only one show that doesn’t hesitate to take up such serious issues as teenage prostitution, aliens from outer space, or breast implants in the Dick Dietrick style.

In the year 1997, she appeared in another tv series titled “Dangerous Minds” which was created by “Ronald Bass”. This tv series has displayed the story based on the major motion picture starring Michelle Pfeiffer.

Ginny appeared in the movie titled “Good Burger” which was also released in the year 1997.  According to our research, this movie was directed by  “Brian Robbins” and written by “Dan Schneider, Kevin Kopelow(, and Heath Seifert”. This movie has displayed the story of a dim-witted teenager and his new coworker trying to save the old burger joint they work for from failing after the opening of a brand new burger restaurant across the street, which’s planning to put them out of business.

Meanwhile, in the same year, she appeared in the next movie named “Mike Hammer, Private Eye”. This movie presented the story of Stacy Keach’s original portrayal of the title character is revived with a new Velda and a different cop as his friend. Mike’s cases are arranged to reflect the times of the late ’90s.

She gained much popularity after appearing in the notable movie titled ’Pacific Blue”. This tv series was released in 1998 and directed by “Bill Nuss”. This movie has presented the story of a bicycle officer patrolling Santa Monica, California.

similarly, she has performed in the tv series titled “Jack & Jill”. This tv series was directed by “Randi Mayem Singer”. This WB drama is named after two of the six main characters, each with a name rather suggesting the other gender Jaqueline ‘Jack’ and David ‘Jill’ Jillefski, who gradually realize they were in love at first sight.

The other main characters are brilliant but insecure med student Barto, philosopher-barman Mikey, a natural womanizer who cultivates immaturity and disarming charm, and Broadway-actress-dancer Audrey, who becomes Barto’s girl, and Elisa Cronkite, Jack’s colleague at the TV station.

Thereafter, Ginny worked in the other famous movie titled “Pumpkin” which was released in the year 2002. This movie was directed by “Anthony Abrams and Adam Larson Broder” and written by “Adam Larson Broder”. This movie has displayed the story of a  sorority girl who finds her life falling apart after she develops romantic feelings for a mentally-challenged man.

Similarly, has again performed in the other famous tv series titled “Strong Medicine which was directed by “Tammy Ader and Whoopi Goldberg”. This tv series has displayed the story about tough female doctors treating an exclusively female clientele at the Rittenhouse Women’s clinic, tackling female-centric issues and trying to make the world a better place in a male-dominated society.

Ginny Schreiber has gained much popularity in her acting career. She is also a famous actress who has achieved many things in this field. Nowadays, we have no accurate information about her current perforation. But according to our research, Ginny is working on her upcoming movies and tv series. 

Ginny is also not active on social media platforms. We do not have any accurate information about her Instagram handle and other social media forums. 

Ginny Schreiber Family

Talks about her family and relatives there is no accurate information regarding her family. She has not shared the information about her family member and relative. We have no exact details about her parents. Schreiber appears to be reserved about her family history, so, Ginny has not mentioned anything about her parents until now. Her father’s name and her mother’s names are not known.

She grew up with loving parents, but her parents’ identity is not revealed. Any information about her early life is still a mystery to her loyal fans. Ginny has kept secrets about her personal life with her fans. All details about her family member and relatives will be updated soon. 

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Ginny Schreiber Boyfriend / Husband / Relationship

The mystery only Ginny can demonstrate to her fans in the coming days. She is entirely concentred on her passion and personal life. Maybe  Ginny wants to focus on her career for now. So the answer to the question is still a well-kept secret. We can wait or guess until Ginny feels comfortable sharing her personal life. But, Ginny has done a great job to keep her personal life a secret. All data about her love experiences and relationship will be updated soon on this page. 

Ginny Schreiber Net Worth

Ginny Schreiber’s net worth is approx $500k USD. Ginny has worked in many moves and tv series. She has eans a massive amount from the film industry. We can day the  Ginny earns a good amount fon her acting. The primary origins of her earnings are acting, modeling, advertisement, and social media platforms. She has collaborated with many commercial brands. She has also promoted many fashionable clothes, makeup kits, and other cosmetics. She has earned a massive amount from social media and advertisements.

The other source of her income is her business activities. Ginny makes a good chunk of money from YouTube, and brand endorsements. She has appeared in many movies and tv series and earned a massive amount from there. We can say that Ginny’s main sources of her income are moves and web series. She also earns a lot amount of her income from buildups and fanfares.  Ginny is known as the richest actress. 

Net Worth $500k USD

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Ginny Schreiber Facts

  • Ginny Schreiber is a prominent Instagram star.
  • She has acquired thousands of followers on Instagram.
  • She looks so handsome and attractive.
  • She is an animal lover and she has a pet dog.
  • She likes to eat Italian food.
  • She has a beautiful attractive face and also shining hair.
  • She enjoys travel.
  • She liked to share her traveling videos and information with her fan

Ginny Schreiber Social Media

Ginny Schreiber YouTube Click here

Favorite Things

Favorite Color Red, Blue, Green
Favorite Destination America, Dubai
Favorite Actor Tom Cruise
Favorite Actress Natalia portman
Favorite Sports Football
Favorite Sportsperson Cristiano Ronaldo


  • Does Ginny Schreiber, Consume Alcohol?
  • No.
  • Does she know cooking?
  • Yes.
  • Does Ginny Schreiber go to the gym?
  • Yes.
  • Does she, Smoke?
  • No.
  • Does she know driving?
  • Yes.
  • Does Ginny Schreiber, Swims?
  • Yes.
  • Is he a Yoga Practitioner?
  • Yes.


What is the age of Ginny Schreiber?

The age of Ginny Schreiber is not available on the internet.

When is the Birthday of Ginny Schreiber?

Ginny Schreiber’s birthday is not known.

How tall is Ginny Schreiber?

Ginny Schreiber is 5′ 8” tall.

Where is Ginny Schreiber from?

Ginny Schreiber is from Los Angeles, California, United States.

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