Nadine Harvey, also known as Vlogigurl and Witchytat2,  is a world-class and critically acclaimed tattoo artist. She is well known for her distinct black and gray anime, horror, and Fineline tattoos. Her clients travel from all over the world to get a tattoo done by her in California, USA.

In addition to this, she is also a professional fashion model and influencer. Her fun viral online videos about tattoos, cars, lifestyle, modeling, and fashion have helped her gain social media fame on multiple platforms. 

NADINE HARVEY(VLOGIGURL) age height net worth

Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl & Witchytat2 ) Biography / Wiki

The well-established tattoo artist Vlogigurl ( Witchytat2 ) is 21 years old as of 2022 and her official birthday is on September 29, 2000. Most of her childhood was spent going to school and learning how to paint. 

Directly after high school, Vlogigurl tried to become a tattoo apprentice but had some trouble finding an opening. However, she had some trouble finding a position right away. Therefore, she focused all her energy on modeling and social media where she quickly became an online sensation. Three years after high school she started her tattoo apprenticeship. 


Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl & Witchytat2 ) Age / Birthday

According to Vlogigurl’s social media accounts, she was born on the 29th of September which makes her 21 years old as of now in 2022

Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl & Witchytat2 ) Height and Weight

There is not that much information about Vlogigurl ( Nadine Harvey )’s physical dimensions. We can confirm that Vlogigurl weighs around 115lbs. However, her height seems to be a huge online mystery. Her height is speculated to be anywhere from 4ft to 8ft, therefore, we are unable to accurately say her height. 


Her hair color changes often, but her natural hair color is brunette. Also, her eye color is very light, and hard to see the exact color in photos, but they look to be a light brown. Vlogigurl is dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle, which includes daily intense workouts and eating a very healthy diet, which has led her to achieve a perfect “model-like” hourglassed body that is well desired by social media influencers.

Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl & Witchytat2 ) Early Fame

Vlogigurl initially gained fame from her modeling carrier. She would post her modeling content on various social media platforms and a few went viral very early on. She continued to post her fashion modeling content until she finished her tattoo apprenticeship.

After finishing her tattoo apprenticeship Vlogigurl started to transition her content towards more lifestyle posts such as tattooing, cars, vlogs, and memes. 


So far she has worked with some of the top fashion brands and has been featured in numerous magazines. She continues to gain followers and work with top companies today because of her amazing artwork and trendy content.

Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl & Witchytat2 ) Instagram

Vlogigurl started her Instagram in 2019 and started posting immediately after. She often posts about cars, tattoos, daily life, traveling, her cats, and modeling photoshoot contents on her Instagram account titled Vlogigurl. Her unique trendy vibe has helped her accomplish fame in a relatively short time period compared to most social media influencers. 

After gaining serval hundred thousand followers across multiple accounts and social media platforms, such as Vlogigurl and Witchytat2, she has shifted her content to make more tattoo, lifestyle, and fashion-oriented content. 


Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl & Witchytat2 ) Net Worth and Earnings

Vlogigurl’s income is not publicly accessible as of right now. However, we assume she has positioned herself to make a decent living due to the objects she has around her in her social media posts. Vlogigurl’s tattoo Instagram page, Witchytat2, is consistently posting new daily tattoos that she gives her clients. Tattoos can be very expensive, therefore, we assume that is where most of her income comes from.

Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl & Witchytat2 ) Family / Siblings and Relatives

Vlogigurl’s family, siblings, and relatives are not portrayed online. In the coming future, if we get any vital information related to her relatives we will let you know.


Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl & Witchytat2 ) Relationship / Boyfriend

Vlogigurl ( Witchytat2 ) has not released any information about her marital status. However, we are looking into if she has a significant other or any type of relationship. We will update you guys soon with satisfying information.

Read five important Facts about Nadine Harvey

  • Vlogigurl currently lives in the United States of America. Her website says that she tattoos out of California and Texas.
  • She drives a black Chevy Camaro with tons of anime stickers and loves cars.
  • She has been featured by multiple worldwide fashion and tattoo brands, magazines, and articles.
  • She owns two cats.
  • She loves traveling, horror, and anime.

Social Media

Instagram Vlogigurl AND witchytat2
Facebook N/A
TikTok Vlogigurl AND sowymom
YouTube N/A


Who is Vlogigurl or Witchytat2 ( Nadine Harvey )?

Vlogigurl ( Witchytat2 ) is a popular tattoo artist that is consistently booked year around. Her clients fly from all over the world to get a tattoo by her in California or Texas. She is also well known for her modeling career and career as a social media influencer. Vlogigurl loves cars, fashion, and cats.

.Is Vlogigurl or Witchytat2 ( Nadine Harvey ) Married?

Presently, there is no factual information related to her relationship status.

What is the age of Vlogigurl or Witchytat2 ( Nadine Harvey )?

The age of Vlogigurl can be calculated to be about 21 years old.

When is the Birthday of Vlogigurl or Witchytat2 ( Nadine Harvey )?

Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl or Witchytat2 )’s birthday is on September 29, 2000.

What is the zodiac sign of Vlogigurl or Witchytat2 ( Nadine Harvey )?

According to the date of birth of Nadine Harvey, her zodiac sign is Libra.

How tall is Vlogigurl or Witchytat2 ( Nadine Harvey )?

Vlogigurl’s height is a true internet mystery that we are unsure will ever be exposed.

Where is Vlogigurl or Witchytat2 ( Nadine Harvey ) from?

Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl or Witchytat2 ) lives in the United States of America. Her website says she works out of California and Texas. However, she often tattoos around the world by guest spots at different tattoo shop locations.

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